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Extraordinarily Competent Administrative, Secretarial and Software Support

Great Notion Support Services, LLC is owned and operated by Diane Wziontka and Patsy "Franki" Franklin.

Diane and Franki worked together for more than twenty years providing support services for Jay Horowitz, one of Denver's most highly-regarded litigators, and for the attorneys who worked with Mr. Horowitz.

Diane and Franki's experience, expertise  and creative approach in utlizing standard business sofware provides economical and practical solutions with high-quality results and fast turnaround.

If you need a service not listed on our service page, or question whether we can accomplish your job, please ask.  Odds are we've accomplished similar tasks and, if we haven't, we know how to find a solution.

Hired by Horowitz & Associates, PC as the receptionist in November 1985, Franki immediately started studying the documentation for the IBM Displaywriters then in use, coming to understand the use of word processing software as more than a computerized typewriter.

Franki soon took on the mantle of legal secretary, and later added the bookkeeper and office manager hats to her wardrobe. And, with each upgrade of equipment and software, from the Displaywriter, to WordPerfect on a NOVELL network, through Microsoft Office 92 on DOS, and the present Office 2010 on Windows 7, Franki has delved into the underbelly of the software, customizing installations, digging out and restoring useful functionality hidden under layers of new menus, customizing formats and templates for easy access by casual or novice users, and adapting the software for efficient use in a busy law practice.

She has never had a server under her management crash.

Franki is a power user of the Microsoft Office suite, and has designed field codes to facilitate the proper sequential denomination of dozens of exhibits in a motion for summary judgment; created an easy-to-use timesheet in Excel which converts time-of-day entries into decimal time units; written Access databases for efficiently tracking archived hard-copy documents and a shareable contact/address book for firm-wide use; and developed a Word template and formulas for customized billing statements. Whenever possible she finds solutions within existing software, rather than purchasing a separate, dedicated software package.

Franki is also extremely adept at troubleshooting formatting problems such as figuring out why a table of authorities entry reverts from italics to plain text, or forcing footnote text to appear on the same page as the footnote reference.

As office manager and bookkeeper, Franki managed payroll, did billings for separate law practices operating in partnership with Horowitz & Associates, PC, prepared quarterly filings for local, federal and state agencies, handled accounts payable, and generated financial reports enabling accountants to prepare yearly tax returns.

Franki sees each new development in office computing as a challenge and an opportunity.  Her curiosity leads her to develop new skills as the need arises.

These attributes extend to Franki’s non-computer related activities.  She is an accomplished knitter, concentrating on the “art knitting” lace designs of the early to mid 20th Century, and what many consider to be the height of the knitting art, fine Shetland shawls.

You may contact Franki at franki@great-notion.com

Diane’s experience with many litigators over the years has led to her flexibility in working with a variety of work styles and personalities.  The common thread regarding her work is her ability to listen and work with attorneys to produce a polished work product, be it a document inventory or an appellate brief.

Diane has extensive experience in civil litigation discovery and trial preparation including, but not limited to knowledge of proper filing procedures in various state, county, and federal jurisdictions, including various arbitration venues.

Diane has coordinated numerous hearings and trials, liaising with court clerks and opposing counsel.  This litigation experience includes general trial preparation, i.e., efiling, the preparation of summons, subpoenas, notices of deposition, jury instructions as well as the organization of deposition exhibits and trial exhibits.

She has also assisted attorneys at state and federal trials, including the preparation, delivery and organization of all materials and supplies necessary for trial, the coordination of witness attendance, arranging for special needs for client or attorney.

Diane’s writing skills lend themselves to drafting simple notices and motions, correspondence, memoranda, and exhibit and witness lists in addition to a proficiency in proofreading and editing.

Diane has a capable “thinking cap” at her disposal, bringing creativity, thoughtfulness and persistence to new tasks and problems.

You may contact Diane at diane@great-notion.com